Photography for Instagram

No hard sell here, but if you are thinking that a couple of random snaps off your phone is going to cut it in the world of Instagram then you are pretty much pushing shit up hill. you might feel like you are doing something and can sleep at night believing the Instagram fairies are working for you but… they ain’t!

For an effective Instagram presence I have learn’t two things.

  1. Quality of Images
  2. Frequency of posts

Let’s deal with Quality of images. What I have seen with my accounts and observations of other accounts, beautifully lit and composed images with a common style or look wins every time. Unless you plan out a series of well considered images you will more than likely end up with an Instagram feed of disjointed and disparate images with no cohesion with your brand.

Number 2, frequency of posts. I am not saying I know what the magic number, but what I can tell you is that when I post and image every other day I get about 19 profile visits in 7 days. These are people that have taken the time to click on my profile pic and visited my Instagram account. If I step that up to posting 3 times a day it jumps up to around 600! This is from a very new account with only 340 followers. My wifes account has 8100 followers, she posts three times a day and has around 4100 profile visits in 7 days and she gets about 30 new followers in that same 7 day period.

It is a number game, but with great content, the numbers will start going your way.


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