Who doesn't like a crisp white background.

It’s neutral, perfect for most applications, and a great choice for profile images for social media.

Take your headshots to the next level

By incorporating your corporate identity
with our unique location studio system.

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We I welcome the opportunity to have a a chat about how I can facilitate a uniform and repeatable style of photography that cements your corporate identity with every facet of your internal and external communication.

Headshot Photography Melbourne

Gone are the days where you could get away with using a tight crop of a wedding photo as your headshot image.


Once at our offices, how much space do you need?
To get the best outcome we need a clear space of roughly 2m x 5 m. Areas that may be suitable could be your staff breakout area, boardroom,large office or meeting room. At a pinch your reception area may be suitable. The image below gives an idea of the kind of space we need.


Do we need to come to your studio or can you come to our offices?
We find it way more convenient for businesses if you we come to your work place. Your people will be a lot more relaxed in a familiar environment. Our Portable Studio and Background system means that we can transform a small area of your offices into a fully functioning studio. If, however, it is more convenient to go offsite of course we can conduct the portrait session at our studios.
How long does a typical professional portrait session take?
We need about half an hour to set up a our portable studio system. After that we are looking at around 5 minutes per person in which time we will take around 10 to 15 images for you to choose from.
When do we get to see the images?
There and then. Our system is such that each image is ready to be viewed in real time on our laptop or ipad. This gives the sitter immediate feedback and makes the final selection process a breeze.
When do we receive the final images?
In most cases you will receive your images before we leave your offices. If there is a need for extra retouching or image other image requirement then the typical turnaround is 3 business day.


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Why use CBD Professional Portrait Photography services?

Photography at your Location

Minimize disruption by having your headshots taken at your location.

Same day turnaround

We shoot to a laptop, proof there and then and hand over the files before we leave.


All images retouched

Your final files are colour graded, retouched and cropped to your specifications.


Simplified pricing structure

We keep it simple so you know what you are spending.